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​Japanese Female Magician 

Moe Alicegawa





​Moe Alicegawa 

Nickname: Alice

Area: Tokyo, Japan

Moe has been interested in magic since she was a little girl. She belonged to a magic club as a college student. When she graduated, she decided to become a professional magician, and has performed all over Japan, in magic shows and illusion shows. 

As she learned and performed various types of magic skills, she became deeply attracted by the beauty and profoundness of Japanese traditional magic, "Tezuma".

She wished that more people would come to know this wonderful "Tezuma", so unique and characteristic of Japan. She has arranged Tezuma in a modern way to suit today’s audience and performs it as a “Geisha Illusionist.”

Japanese traditional magic "Tezuma"

You may think that the origins of magic are from the Western world, but Japan too has cultivated its own culture of magic.

It is said that magic was introduced to Japan back in the 8th century, but it first appears in historical literature in the 17th century. Magic was called “Tezuma” (meaning hand lightning) in those days. The name indicates how a magician moves his hands and fingers so quickly like a lightning. In the 17th century when Japan was closed to the outside world, this distinct style of magic, "Tezuma" developed as an art unique to Japan.

Since the beginning of the 19th century, however, Western culture started to flow into Japan, and "Tezuma" started to diminish in the waves of Westernization like many other Japanese traditional culture. Nowadays, number of performers have decreased, and as a result, many people, even Japanese, perhaps have never seen a "Tezuma" performance.

Moe Alicegawa has brought the dying art of "Tezuma" back to life again in Modern Tokyo as “Geisha Magic.”

While preserving the traditional tastes of "Tezuma" the Edo people used to enjoy, like the delicate performance that looks as if gracefully dancing to music, little word games, and the art of likening things to stimulate the audience’s imagination, Moe has arranged the show in a Modern way to catch the hearts of people today.

Curiosity has always been an essential nature of man, whether in ancient times or today. Please enjoy the elegant and intriguing world of "Tezuma".


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